Jeremy Dutel

I'm Jérémy, based in Lyon and freelance developer!
Passionate about development and new technologies, I develop custom web applications and work as a fullstack freelancer in companies in need of resources.
Rigorous, diligent, good listener and good in development, I am able to answer all the needs of development!
Whatever the work environment, I am able to work alone or to integrate a team of any size.
So, what are you waiting for to contact me?
See you soon!

What I do

4th year student at Epitech

After graduating from the Master PGE of Epitech Lyon, I learned to be autonomous, creative, innovative and above all, to always do more and be in constant evolution.
Thanks to Epitech, I know how to deal with any problem, respond to any need, and am able to adapt to any situation.

Custom web applications

I develop custom and unique web applications for my clients, I always start from a blank page to develop them.
I respond to each need and request of the customer because it is essential that the application fits him!

Freelance Developer

I intervene as a Freelance developer in companies in need of resources.
I know how to adapt to the teams I join, to the languages used in the company, and above all, to the needs, techniques and mentality of the company in order to be involved to the maximum.

Perpetual learning

I love to learn, I have never learned things by heart to recite them identically, I have learned to learn.
I am constantly on a learning quest. I learn to always do better, I learn from my projects, I learn from my mistakes and my successes.


They trust me